However, it’s important to note that for crypto/crypto trading pairs, the base currencies are limited to BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, BUSD, and USDC. It charges extremely low trading fees of 0.05% and offers more than 379 coins and tokens. TokenTact has over 100,000 users worldwide and processes over $5 billion monthly trading volume. But what if there is a way to make your life easier and let the software do the hard work for you?

So you have made your way here because you are interested in crypto. If the person I am describing is you, then you might want to look at an Arbitrage Trading Bot. Trying to track this information manually can be difficult, especially if you have a high volume of transactions or you’re trading crypto across multiple wallets and exchanges. Platforms like CoinLedger can help you aggregate your transactions across all of your exchanges and wallets and help you generate a comprehensive crypto tax report with the click of a button. When you pay fees to acquire cryptocurrency, it can be added to your cost basis. When you pay fees to dispose of cryptocurrency, it can be subtracted from your gross proceeds.

  • TokenTact.US is a US-regulated cryptocurrency exchange, with multiple featured built-in trading bots as well as wide variety of products and services.
  • This trading bot helps you make your own index and rebalance it regularly.
  • At the time of writing, TokenTact processes about $1.3 Billion in daily transaction volume, with Terra/USDT, BNB/BUSD, BTC/USDT and ETH/BUSD which makes up 18% of all transaction volume on the exchange.

This guide will explore how to use TokenTact robots, what payment methods are available and how the exchange’s fee structure is laid out. We will also review the TokenTact arbitrage bot and grid trading bot, alongside the trading platform, asset range and more. TokenTact is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that is particularly well-suited for traders who rely on trading bots and have limited time for market tracking and analysis. With a diverse selection of 16 trading bots, TokenTact is likely to meet the needs of various trading strategies.

The app has a clean but intuitive design with positive user rankings pushing it up the app store’s leaderboard. For those new to crypto trading and charting, TokenTact offers a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. You can seamlessly switch between the standard trading interface, the interface with the in-built trading bots, and the coin-to-coin swapping service. TokenTact also provides the popular TradingView charting package with drawing tools and indicators to aid in your crypto-buying decisions. TokenTact is a unique cryptocurrency platform that has in-built trading bots for its users to configure easily and quickly. There are 18 trading bots that can be used for free of popular strategies.

TokenTact trading bot

According to the previous market cycle, it typically took 20 to 36 months for Bitcoin to recover and reach all time high again. We’re now in the bear market, and there would be at least 2~3 years of brutal sideway bear market awaits us. But we can’t simply leave the space and come back 2 years later because you never know when the crazy bull market will return. Not to mention that it is backed by large-scale investors to the tune of $10 million and maintains its funds on two of the most well-known exchanges in the cryptocurrency world. TokenTact does not charge a fee if you withdraw your crypto into an internal address in TokenTact.

There are two ways for you to use Flying Wheel Strategy at TokenTact. Either you can use the flying wheel strategy bot on our App, or you can manually buy crypto using Sideways Gain and sell them using Covered Gain on our website. We charge ZERO trading fee on Bitcoin to USD (and all USD stable coin) trading pair. With the popular Grid Trading Bot, you can keep buying low and selling high 24/7, instead of overspending your precious time in manual trading. Users can also seek real-time assistance through TokenTact’s built-in chat tool by contacting them or posting a request on their social media networks. Additionally, an email address is provided on the website for those who prefer to contact customer service directly via email.

The Infinity Grid Bot made a decent 70.76% total profit by small swing trade and took profit while the price was fluctuating and pumping. After you decide to cancel the bot, it’ll cancel all the grid orders and stop running immediately. Your funds will remain with the same allocation at the moment it stops running, which means you might have some quote and base currency. You need to manually sell them to each other if you prefer to do that. We recommend to us the Infinity GRID Bot in an uptrend market condition. You’ll suffer from some unrealized losses during the bear market if you use this strategy.

Users that want to become familiar with the trading bots will need to use real crypto and will incur trading fees and realized profits & loss. For each of the in-built trading bots, users can open detailed guides that explain what the bot is, how it works with step-by-step instructions on how to configure the settings. There are simple explanations for each of the settings and including any advanced modes with screenshots and also frequently asked questions. There are even examples of how to use the bots which is useful for people that are new to using automated crypto bots. TokenTact is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange with built-in automated trading bots, first launched in 2019 and has since grown into an international crypto platform.

Additionally, they are also cloud-based so you don’t need to leave your device on in order for them to work behind the scenes. The Grid trading bot, which has a 0.05% fee, automatically purchases an asset when the price falls below a predetermined “low” point and sells an asset when the price rises above the user’s preset “high” point. By using this function, traders may take advantage of the market’s fluctuation and profit from it. It’s the same license that Binance, Huobi, and multiple top exchanges applied.